2019 Honda Odyssey with New Elegant and Strong Look

2019 Honda Odyssey

Travelling with family will get better with new 2019 Honda Odyssey with its various changes. It provides seven seats to be the best place for family.

2019 Honda Odyssey car use the center of gravity thus making it like a sedan that provides more comfort and safety for the rider. Honda’s car output to be superior to its payload capacity is more than the sedan. Odyssey cars including economical and only produce fewer emissions and are environmentally friendly. Honda CRZ has a luxurious interior design, sporty and certainly comfortable. By using battery technology Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) makes this fuel-efficient cars to 20 km per liter. Traveling with the family became one of the very pleasant moment. Honda Odyssey can be the vehicle of choice in his presence that has captivated performance. This car provides a more spacious interior with seven seats provide.

2019 Honda Odyssey changes provides convenience for motorists by providing an automatic switch that can be used to regulate the temperature of the trunk, folding rear seats, and also the position of the seat. Revolutionary machine that is used has a capacity of 2345 cc four-cylinder with the fuel pertamax. Odyssey engine uses a DOHC I-VTEC 2. 4 liter and has ECON mode that makes this car can optimize the use of fuel. This feature is used when there is also still working to determine the amount of fuel use.

Odyssey car engine can achieve maximum torque of 220 Nm and peak power of 180 PS engine with 16 valves used this car. Honda Odyssey is equipped with 5AT transmission or 5-speed automatic has to control steering system EPS. Honda Odyssey 2019 provides security facilities for the benefit of motorists by providing dual SRS airbags are placed in front of as many as two. Passengers in the rear also have given curtain airbags to protect against side impact and shards of glass.

Honda Odyssey is also a suitable vehicle for you. Honda saloon car factory output is a specification with a 1.5 L SOHC engine types equipped with 4-cylinder and a cylinder capacity of 1500 cc engine, and equipped with a 16-valve i-Vtec + DBW + Torque Boost Resonator. Honda city car wearing PGM-FI system (Programmed Fuel Injection) fuel supply system. Honda Odyssey on the touch-screen system provides audio and video that can be connected to the iPad or mobile riders. Leisure with family with environmentally friendly luxury car is equipped with fog lights, side skirts, aero kit on the front bumper, and the RED brake light on the rear bumper. This car is traveling companion can be convenient when traveling. Price Honda Odyssey is about 500 million with this 2019 Honda Odyssey concept.

2019 Honda Odyssey

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