2019 Ford Raptor is Impressive and Extraordinary

2019 Ford Raptor

2019 Ford Raptor is not just the name. The raptor implies the performance of this truck and its wildness on the road

2019 ford raptor is really impressive truck. This truck is featured with extra ordinary suspension for long travel. This truck has large tires which are 35 inches tall; the large tires are combined with super awesome body. This makes many people admire Ford, especially fans of Ford. The raptor can run with incredible speed like thunder. Having this truck is definitely a pride and valuable investment. The appearance of this truck is really macho which can impress all the viewers. The name of raptor is not only the name; it implies the capability and its wildness on the road. This truck is produced in this summer, yet the customer can start to purchase this truck in 2019.

There are some changes in Ford raptor 2019; the difference especially can be seen in the new grille and the tires. The tires can perform heavy duty such as running in the difficult area or having long-trip journey. The rear wheels really have a solid look in this raptor; the other difference is on the shocks. The shocks are seems to be upgraded from the previous version of ford or Ford F-15. It is predicted that this raptor used Eco-Boost V-6. Previously, the raptor uses V-8 engine with the top-trim of 6.2 liters and 434 lb-ft of torque. Comparing to the previous engine, raptor will have less horsepower, yet it still have the similar torque.

If you are getting interested to purchase the raptor, then you have to know the price of this awesome truck. 2019 ford raptor price is $44,000. Do you think that the price is too expensive? If you think that there are many others truck with the similar price. Yes, maybe you are right. Yet, the truck will not have air conditioner and comfortable seats. Moreover, this feature is really important to support your work. Raptor also offers the pride and quality. You will never regret in spending your money to purchase this awesome truck.

This raptor has pretty impressive design. Basically, the main focus of raptor is to minimize the weight of the truck. The manufacturer uses lightweight aluminum product to make the truck lighter. Some of features are added in this truck such as new grille, the new element of wheel flares in the black color and durable wheels. These features make raptor as special and luxury truck; you may see the details information on internet regarding 2019 ford raptor review.

2019 Ford Raptor

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